James Bean Seems Like The Perfect Cat, So Why Does He Keep Being Returned To The Shelter?

It’s no big deal to send back a poorly cooked meal at a restaurant; get cash back for a shirt that’s too tight, or box up an ugly pair of shoes and try on another.

Everyone’s returned stuff many times.

But when it comes to adopted pets, how heartless is it to return a pet five times?

One new owner decided enough was enough after bringing home a black-and-white tabby named James Bean.

Reddit user, ncarbell, was told James had been returned five times for what others described as “too demanding.”

Unsure how that applied to cats – which by nature are some of the most demanding pets – ncarbell chose to take James home for a try.

James was wary of his new surroundings and friendly “enough” to his new owner. Being all cat – one can imagine the one-eyebrow raised looks and nonchalant attitude – this wasn’t the first new-home rodeo for James.

James explored his new digs as if he owned them, as any cat would, and decided it was all safe.

He quickly took control of “his” favorite spots – a favorite chair, napping in the hamper, sleeping with his favorite rainbow sausage toy, and snoozing in a chair underneath the kitchen table.

James even plopped down on his owner’s bed in one long, drawn-out stretch.

Is James demanding?

Well, yes – he’s a cat.

Too demanding? Not even, according to his owner.

After two years, “demanding” James became the most loving cat ncarbell ever had.

James’ demands translate into a huggable bundle of fur.

No return needed.

Source: Pawpulous

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