This Cat Has Ridiculously Long Legs, And The Internet Is Making Her Famous

Admit it. You love it when you see a quirky animal. It might be something odd about their behavior, the way they look at you or even the way they sound.

The cat in this story has rather quirky physical features that are making her famous.

An Australian animal shelter called Cat Haven first shared her photo on Facebook. She was found with no collar, no microchip, pregnant and with an unusual physical feature.

Now she is all over the internet. Quenda is world famous for her incredibly long legs.

“Hello, I’m Quenda =) I’m a teeny tiny little thing! They say it’s because I started having kittens when I was just a kitten myself! I’m 2 years old now. I’ve only just weaned my last babies, and now I’m finally sterilized and ready to find a loving family =),” the shelter posted on Facebook.

“I’m so sweet and friendly – I love pats and attention and I love to smooch you. I must have had a family at some stage, but when I came into rescue with my kittens I had no collar with ID and no microchip, so they couldn’t call anyone to say we were okay!” they added.

When social media followers saw the photos of Quenda, they started sharing them all over Facebook, Twitter and Reddit.

It’s a Catty Long Legs!!! one user wrote. Another wrote, “The Cat by Salvador Dali.” And the quips kept coming:Cat Skellington,” “Edward Scissorpaws” and Spidercat.

The social media blitz obviously helped to get the word out about this adorable kitty in need of a home.

After receiving thousands of applications to adopt her, Cat Haven finally helped Quenda find her forever home.


Source: Shareably

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