This Frisky Feline Is Stealing Money, And What He Does With It Is Astounding!

Lots of animals steal things and hoard them. Squirrels and chipmunks are always on the lookout for food to store for winter. Ravens will steal anything shiny to line their nests.

Packrats are actually real animals, and they are the ones that gave us human hoarders our nickname. They’ll keep anything they can get their paws on.

We don’t usually think of cats as being felonious critters though. Usually, the only thing they try to steal is our heart.

One little cat in Oklahoma has turned into a real thief. Stealing hearts and cold hard cash. The folding kind.

It all started somewhat innocently. Sir Whines-A-Lot is a rescue cat who lives in the offices of Stuart McDaniel in Tulsa. One morning when McDaniel opened the door to his marketing firm, GuRuStu, he found cash lying about on the floor.

He was curious but didn’t think much about it. The next day, there were a few more dollar bills waiting on him when he opened the door.

He asked everyone in the office if they knew where the money came from. Nobody did.

Sir Whines-A-Lot, as most cats would do, refused to answer any questions and just looked innocent when questioned.

It kept happening, but we didn’t know why. So we decided to test a theory,” McDaniel told The Dodo. “We tried sliding money through the gap in the door, and the cat hopped up and snatched it.

McDaniel decided to test a theory. He went out the door and waited a few minutes. He took out a dollar bill and slid it barely under the door. Immediately a cat paw snaked out and jerked the bill under the door.

McDaniel looked at his empty hand for a moment and then burst out laughing. His sneaky little cat had come up with an unusual way to pad his kitty pockets.

Apparently when the office staff was gone for the day, Sir Whines A Lot gets lonesome. So, he tries to attract the attention of passers-by, hoping to get a bit of attention.

Most people don’t carry cat toys, or have any food small enough to fit in the crack at the bottom of the door. But, apparently, they have dollar bills. And they fit under the door easily.

He was so cute begging for money and then pulling it inside to play with it, that folks didn’t mind losing a dollar to get to see the little beggar in action. Perhaps he wasn’t getting enough treats and wanted to be able to go purchase his own. Maybe he just liked seeing the expression on people’s face when he stole their money. 

And he was apparently going into action every time he was alone. When there were people in the office, he was just an ordinary cat. Rubbing against ankles and begging to be petted.

But, once he was alone, his criminal side came to the front.

Perhaps he wasn’t getting enough treats and wanted to be able to go purchase his own. Maybe he just liked seeing the expression on people’s face when he stole their money.

Whatever the reason, he was making out like a bandit. Every day the floor was littered with dollar bills.

I’m guessing the first people didn’t intend to lose their dollar,” McDaniel told The Dodo. “They probably put it in to mess with him, and he snatched it. When you hold money there, he’ll bat at it playfully at first, like, ‘Oh, that’s kinda fun.’ But then all of a sudden he’ll bite it and rip it from your hand. He does it so fast, you don’t even realize what’s happened.

The strangest thing has been happening at the office on weekends. When we show up on Saturday mornings and sometimes even on Sunday afternoons, we find a couple dollars on the floor near the door. Now we knew no one was paying their invoice in singles, but we just couldn't figure it out. Well at least not until we decided to test a theory on our little #CashnipKitty. Apparently he's quite the hustler, playing all the late night partiers traveling by foot on 3rd, Friday and Saturday nights.

CASHnip Kitty 发布于 2017年8月28日

McDaniel has decided to donate all the money that Sir Whines-A-Lot can grab. A local charity,  Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless. will be reaping the benefits of Sir Whines-A-Lot’s felonious activity.

We are pretty sure that Sir Whines-A-Lot approves of that gesture. Having been homeless himself, he can understand the difficulties of life on the streets.

We think it’s great to see such a kind gesture when it comes to those who are less fortunate. The money is donated under Sir Whines-A-Lot’s pseudonym, CASHnip Kitty, and so far, over $100 has been raised.

Would you like to join McDaniel and Sir Whines-A-Lot in lending a helping hand? You can go by McDaniel’s office anytime and slide your money under the door to the kitty attendant. Or visit the Homeless Center website and make a donation.

Thanks to Sir Whines-A-Lot for reminding us that we can always make a difference. And for giving us a smile.

Source: The Animal Rescue Site

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