Cathleen found a whole new life. Screen shot courtesy HuffPost

Cathleen the Loyal Dog Walked 20 Miles — Twice– to Find the Family That Left Her Behind

Cathleen lived with her family for 16 long years. After they sent her away, she did everything she could to get back to them — even undertaking a 20-mile trip just like in the movie Homeward Bound twice.


Dogs specialize in the art of devotion. They are always there for us when we need them. A dog’s love and devotion are remarkable and unbreakable. Owning a dog can be the start of a beautiful friendship. And it can change the life of your beautiful dog.

Adorable Stella the French bulldog. Photo by Stella the Frenchie, license CC/ND 2.0 via Flickr

That’s what happened to Cathleen, a six-year-old Great Pyrenees mix. All along, she thought she was going to move to a new home with her family. Everyone was packing for a big move — what else what she to think?

Cathleen lived with her family since puppyhood

Cathleen appears hopeful
Things weren’t going well for sweet Cathleen. Fortunately, her future turned out to be bright. Featured image courtesy of The Dodo

Cathleen’s elderly owners were moving to a new home in Seminole, Oklahoma and were no longer able to care for her. This was due, in part, to pet ownership restrictions in the new house, said Marta Mattingly, treasurer of the Seminole Humane Society, HuffPost reports.

How soulful are these eyes? Screen capture courtesy of The Dodo

So the sweet girl’s elderly owners decided their dog would be happier with a family in Prague, Ohio, around 20 miles from her old home.

But Cathleen had other ideas

Beautiful Cathleen
She simply put on her traveling shoes. Screen capture courtesy The Huffington Post

Just like in the movie Homeward Bound — Cathleen wasn’t on board with the situation and fled the new yard for her old one — some 20 miles away, The Dodo reports. Sadly, unlike in the movie, this dog’s family wasn’t there to pick her up at the end of her journey.

“Animal control spotted her roaming the neighborhood where she used to live,” Mattingly told The Dodo. “She was obviously looking for her old family … but they just didn’t share the same loyalty that she had for them.”

It’s a mystery how this determined pooch made the trip safely, but luckily she did. She missed her former family so much that she turned right around and did it again just a few days later.

Now that’s love

“When she was brought in the first time, we just brought her back to the home her owners had given her to,” said Mattingly. “After a second time, we figured she’d be safer finding a more secure home a bit further away.

New home

After a check-up by a vet, Cathleen was given a clean bill of health and was soon put up for adoption. With her sweet, adorable demeanor and soulful eyes, she soon became a hit with the shelter staff and the public alike. Offers of a new home came flooding in.

Even the media offered a helping hand

The Seminole Humane Society was Cathleen’s home for a short while. Screen capture by WKRG via YouTube

“Our local news station came by and did a piece on her, and we started getting calls from all over the country,” Mattingly said. “She’s wonderful — very docile, good with other dogs and loves all people. She’s a laid-back, really good girl.”

Poor Cathleen missed her former owners very much, but fortunately caring people in Texas stepped right on up, DogFull reports.

At her new home, she has kids and four dog friends to play with, and she has a big fenced in yard with acres of land to explore.

Cathleen’s idyllic new home has acres for her to play in. Screen capture courtesy of The Dodo

Mattingly was thrilled for her canine friend. And it’s truly amazing how the community rallied together to help!

“It was phenomenal how many people were willing to drive hundreds of miles to adopt her,” Mattingly said. “We had some wonderful applications from all over, but we only have one Cathleen. And she found the perfect family in the end.”

And really, who couldn’t love that adorable face? Her new life sounds so wonderful!

If you’d like to help animals at the Seminole Humane Society, here’s where you can make a donation.

Find out more about Cathleen’s journey in the video below.

Featured image courtesy of HuffPost

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