Cats Get Themselves Into Some Of The Craziest Predicaments

Perhaps more than any other animal, cats have the unique ability to get themselves into some crazy situations.

Humans love it when a cat hides somewhere and then pokes just its head or paws out for us to see. These playful antics are fun for the cat and their human.

Sometimes, we’re the ones who put our cats in crazy places. The video below includes one man who kisses his cat each time he goes down as he does push-ups.

Another man is desperately trying to get his cat to go outside.

The problem: the cat refuses to get up. I don’t think the cat wants to go outside after all.

Perhaps one of the funniest times to watch your cat can be during meal time, especially if you have more than one pet.

Watch below and you’ll see two cats who are supposed to be eating. The problem is that there are two cats and one bowl.

Throughout the clip, they take turns stealing the food bowl from one another. But that’s nothing compared to the cat who is trying to share a food bowl with his bird friend. The bird simply won’t share no matter how hard the cat tries.

If you’re a cat lover, and I bet you are, you’ll love these cat videos.

You’ll probably even recognize your own cat in a few of these clips in this compilation of funny cats and their people. Keep watching until the end. You might encounter something worthy of the X-Files.


Source: MashupZone

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