Celebrate International Puppy Day – Get Ready To Have Puppy Fever

There’s nothing cuter than a puppy no matter what breed. Their fuzzy fur and silly antics will keep you smiling and laughing for hours.

To celebrate International Puppy Day here are some of the cutest pups ever.

Pups in a basket? Sure, and I’ll take two.


Cuteness overload with this Corgi cutie!


Look at this blue-eyed beauty!


This little Maltese is a white ball of fluff.


Who doesn’t love a lab puppy?


Wrinkles have never looked cuter!


Look at this snuggly baby!


They’re adorable even when they look at you like this!


How would you choose just one from this litter?


This fuzzy face begs for attention!


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Written by Kim Hays

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