Freezing Cold, Little Charlie Lays In The Snow. Strangers Check On Him To Discover It’s Not Deliberate

Did you know that in most states, it’s actually not illegal to hit an animal with a vehicle and then leave the scene?

So, if you slam into a poor dog and speed off, you’re lot legally liable at all.

And that means some poor creature is either dead or close to death, with little hope of rescue.

That was what happened to Charlie, who was hit by a car and left to die in the snow by the side of the road.

That fact alone is enough to break anyone’s heart.

Charlie was out for a stroll in Cabarrus County, North Carolina when he got hit, and the driver never stopped.

It wasn’t until much later that two pedestrians spotted the severely injured pup. And they knew they had to act fast.

Because when they got close, they realized just how badly injured he was…

Charlie couldn’t stand, could barely even move, and was obviously cold and hungry.

When they finally got him to a hospital, doctor x-rays revealed that the impact had crushed Charlie’s pelvis.

The worst part is that such a crippling injury requires expensive surgery. And nobody was around to pay for it.

What to do?

Well, a relative of one of his rescuers set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for the necessary operation.

And it worked out beautifully.

Once people heard the story, they were more than happy to donate a little and very soon, Charlie had all the money he needed!

Then came the successful operation and yes, the happy pup is back on his paws.

As you might expect, given the popularity of this story, there were plenty of people offering to adopt Charlie.

As soon as he’s fully healed, he will be off to his forever home and hopefully, he’ll never have to go through this again.

Just be careful when walking near busy roads, buddy!

And by the way, if you want to sign a petition to make animal hit-and-runs illegal in your state, visit this website.

Source: Honest to Paws

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