Chunkie Is Scared And Lonely At The Shelter, Then She Sees The Firefighter Who Rescued Her Walk In

Dogs have an uncanny ability to express their love for people.

For one dog in Sacramento, a dog-loving firefighter came to know this first-hand. Firefighter Mike Thawley saved Chunkie after finding her tied up in the rain and obviously neglected.

But Chunkie was sad at the shelter.

But then she sees Mike coming to visit and perks up.

He looks pretty happy to see Chunkie too.

Their reunion warms the soul.

It looks like somebody is falling in love.

And it’s not just Chunkie.

Who could resist that face?

Here’s the precious reunion and be sure to check out the update below the video.

It was love at first sight for both of them, and she has already found a new home – HIS.

Source: TV.WTF

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