Everyone Thought It Odd To See A Dog In Church, Why He Was There Will Bring You To Tears

Dogs are known to be among the most loyal animals in the world.

They are devoted companions who will literally risk their lives for those they love. So, it should come as no surprise to hear the story of one extremely devoted dog.

Although this story will touch your heart like no other.

Unless there is someone with a service dog attending your church, the church is the last place you would typically expect to see a dog.

A dog would seem out of place, odd and would likely trouble some people by even being present in a church. Of course, he would also likely be a distraction for the pastor and the children in attendance.

This is the story of a dog, a person, a church and an entire village that will melt your heart.

Loyal Tommy is a dog who has defied all expectations and attends church more than most people do, even the most faithful.

According to The Dog Channel, “the faithful German Shepherd belonged to an elderly Italian woman named Maria.

Maria had found Tommy abandoned in a field near her home and had happily adopted the homeless puppy.

That was seven years ago. In that time, Maria and Loyal Tommy grew closer and closer.They did nearly everything together. They were inseparable.  The pair developed a bond that cannot be broken, even in death.

You see, Maria passed away a few months ago at the age of 57. But Loyal Tommy can not seem to move on without his beloved Maria. Each day, Loyal Tommy waits for Maria to come back to him.

Loyal Tommy reportedly last saw Maria at church. Friends brought the faithful German Shepherd to Maria’s funeral at the Catholic Church she had attended.

He has been returning to the church looking for and waiting for Maria every day since.

As soon as morning mass begins at Maria’s church in a small Italian town, Loyal Tommy enters the church. He politely waits at the front of the church throughout the service as he looks about the crowd.

Quite often, Loyal Tommy sits patiently by the altar for the entire service. When the service ends, Loyal Tommy leaves just like everyone else in attendance. He repeats this process each and every day.

This has now gone on long enough that church goers are no longer surprised to see Loyal Tommy in attendance. In fact, it would be odd if he were not there anymore.

Loyal Tommy does not have an owner anymore. It is unknown if Maria had no family to care for him or if no one was able to in the days following her death.

But her church community has been so inspired by Loyal Tommy’s show of love and devotion, that they have befriended him. They are caring for him until he finds a new home.

For now, Loyal Tommy has been adopted by the entire village in which Maria called home.

Loyal Tommy is fed and cared for by the entire community. They love him as if he were their own and they are inspired daily by his love and devotion. He is a friend of all in the community.

We can only hope that Loyal Tommy will one day find another human like Maria who will love him unconditionally as he does Maria. He is one of the most loving and devoted dogs that I have ever heard of.

We will never know if Loyal Tommy really understands that his beloved Maria is gone or if he thinks he will see her sitting there in church again one day.

We will never know if he is there to find her or to mourn for her. But we do know without a doubt just how much this dog loved his person.

They say that dogs are man’s best friend, but the truth is that most friends are not nearly as loyal to their friendships and loved ones as Loyal Tommy has been.

It is a wonderful thing that the church is doing by opening their doors to Loyal Tommy and not ushering him out each day.

Check out this video to see Loyal Tommy for yourself. The beautiful German Shepherd can be seen waiting so patiently at the front of the church while the parishioners worship.

His heartbreak is obvious and will break your heart. He can even be seen resting beside the priest while the sacraments are offered.

What a beautiful expression of God’s love in this church. All are welcome here. This little Italian church has become a place for healing, for hope and for broken hearts to be mended. A place to bring grief and sadness as new beginnings are sought.

Source: The Dog Channel



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