Matilda Faced A Bleak, Lonely Life Until Fate Steps In 🐷

Pigs get a really bad rap as being smelly, dirty creatures. In fact, pigs are incredibly smart, very emotional and will remain as clean as the places they are kept.

Like humans, pigs have different personalities. Some are happy to just wallow in the dirt and lay in the sunshine. Some want to be left alone. Others want to be part of a group.

One little pink and black pig named Matilda wanted so badly to have a friend that it almost cost her her life.

Matilda had lived on a farm but her desire to be with other pigs or humans kept her from fitting in. So, the farmer raising her said she was simply “too clingy” and decided to let her go.

Being a pig, Matilda was in grave danger of becoming someone’s breakfast bacon. Being “let go” from a farm usually means “sent to a butcher.”

Instead, thankfully, she was given away to Tusk and Bristle Sanctuary in upstate New York.

Folks at the sanctuary tried to keep Matilda’s needs satisfied, but she was fairly insatiable. She wanted someone around all the time. And, frankly, ain’t nobody got time for that.

That is, until one day a big boar named Mr. T came to stay at the Tusk and Bristle. Mr. T had narrowly escaped a final trip to the butcher when the farm where he lived had been closed down.

All of the rest of the pigs had been sold for meat, but Mr. T had been given to a neighbor.

He was being kept in a muck-filled pen with no clean water. His only food was tossed into the mud where it quickly became rancid.

Pigs will indeed eat almost anything, but it’s not healthy for them. Mr. T was not in great shape.

They had been told about Mr. T by his neighbor, who visited T every day and brought him food whenever possible.

“Despite living in these horrible conditions, Mr. T remained friendly and would come to the fence for pets and scratches whenever his neighbor Ellen Crain visited him,” said Terry Cummings, director of the Sanctuary.

Crain, who is the director of Safe Haven Farm Sanctuary, brought Mr. T fresh water while she kept trying to convince Mr. T’s new owner to spare his life.

Eventually, she was persuasive enough to save Mr. T.

And so, after being shuttled around for a bit, Mr. T finally went to Tusk and Bristle Sanctuary to be fostered until a permanent home could be found for him.

And that’s where he met “too clingy” Matilda.

It was love at first sight,” said Cummings, who gave the couple their permanent home at Poplar Spring. “We agreed to take Mr. T and Matilda, so that they could stay together forever.

Their final ride to Poplar Spring took seven hours in the back of a mini van. Matilda was in seventh heaven.

I’m sure for her it was a honeymoon to be in such close quarters with the love of her life. Mr. T took it in manly stride.

It took a lot of work from several different rescue groups to get Matilda and Mr. T into their final new home together.

But, from all appearances, like all good love stories, they are living happily ever after.

Cummings adores having the cute little couple living at Poplar Spring. “They are such sweet piggies,” she told The Dodo, “and they obviously love each other.”

If you’d like to send a “wedding” gift to Mr. and Mrs. T,  you can make a donation to Poplar Spring.

Source: The Dodo

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