Lonely Cockatoo Really Wants To Be Friends With The Cats, Watch What He Does To Win Them Over

If you have more than one pet at home you know the challenges you can face in trying to make sure that all of them receive the attention they need and deserve.

You also likely know which pet gets the most jealous and demands your time and attention just when you are trying to pay attention to another pet.

The same jealousy and desire for love and affection can also play out between animals. After all, no one wants to be the odd man out.

The cockatoo in this story did not want to be the odd man out. He wanted to fit in with the cats in his family and be accepted into their little pride. The way he did this will light up your day.

This little cockatoo attempted to become a cat. At least, he attempted to behave like a cat. He would meow just like he heard them doing.

And he would pace back and forth just like he saw them doing.

We can only wonder if the cockatoo is merely copying the behavior he sees in those around him or if he is genuinely trying to fit in with the three cats he lives with.

Regardless, he is pretty good at being a cat. His meow is so good that it did confuse the cats quite a bit.

Watch and see for yourself. Try closing your eyes and see if you can figure out when one of the cats is meowing and when the cockatoo is. You will be shocked at your results.

Source: We Love Animals



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