Watch — When Andy Slips Into A Coma, His Dog Teddy Visits and Performs a Miracle

Scientists have long known that dogs have an intuition that defies science.

Some dogs have warned their pregnant owners when the woman is about to go into labor.

Some dogs are used to signal their partners when their blood sugar levels are getting high or low, or if they’re about to go into a seizure.

Dogs have warned humans about upcoming hurricanes, storms, and earthquakes long before scientific monitoring sent out a warning.

But you don’t need to tell Andy Szasz about dog’s intuition and ability to save their humans. He’s benefitted from his dog’s intuitiveness more than once!


He and his wife Estelle adopted a little schnauzer/poodle mix that they named Teddy.

When Andy was going through the harrowing treatments for bowel cancer, Teddy was right by his side.

With Teddy’s constant companionship and support, Andy was able to beat the disease. Andy credited Teddy with his progress.

That bond has grown closer and tighter since the day Teddy came home with him. In fact, it gave Teddy the opportunity to save Andy’s life yet again.

Andy developed a severe case of pneumonia; at one point, his breathing stopped completely and he was rushed to the hospital.


He was immediately admitted to the intensive care unit where he was put into an induced coma. Doctors estimated he would wake up in about a week from his treatment.

But he didn’t.

Estelle decided to bring in four-year-old Teddy to visit. Teddy looked at his friend, lying in bed hooked up to so many tubes and monitors, and he barked loudly.

Wake up!

Much to the doctor’s astonishment, Teddy’s bark had done what they could not do:

Andy suddenly woke up from his coma!

Andy’s health rallied and soon he was home from the hospital. Unsurprisingly, word got around about Teddy’s act of heroism in saving Andy’s life.

The U.K.’s Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) was so impressed, they gave Teddy an award for helping his owner wake up from what could have been an endless sleep. 

Andy said, through a haze of tears:

I always tell people I rescued Ted and Ted rescued me.”

He wiped his eyes and continued, “We certainly do have a special bond.

We hope you share that bond for many years to come, guys.

We should all be so lucky as to have such a special friend!

Check them out in the video below:

Source: Animals Being Cute

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