Cop Makes An Arrest In Horrific Puppy Abuse Case, What He Does Next Has Everybody Cheering!

God bless this officer…

People who abuse or neglect the animals that they have chosen to adopt, care for and love should be arrested, jailed and have the key thrown away.

And they should never again have the opportunity to adopt a pet.

Our police officers are often the first to spot instances of abuse and neglect.

They get called to the scene of a crime, to follow a lead or may simply hear of the abuse. They will often see evidence of it first-hand.

Then there are other times when good Samaritans and animal lovers witness the abuse themselves and call the police to investigate. This is such a case.

Patrol Officer Brandon Melbar was sent on a call following reports from a neighbor of a man abusing his dog.

He arrived at the man’s house unsure of what he would find. What he did find was appalling.

Officer Melbar found a pit bull named Harvard who had been beaten, choked and hit in the face with a brick.

Harvard’s owner, Peris Rice, was arrested, jailed and charged with animal cruelty.

While many dogs who had faced such abuse would have hidden and feared additional human contact, Harvard was different.

He was so happy to see a friendly face that he quickly jumped into the officer’s car.

Harvard was then taken to an animal shelter for treatment. Vets at the shelter estimated that Harvard was only about one-year-old.

It took a long time for him to heal both physically and emotionally after what he’d experienced.

Officer Melbar was so touched by the sweet and gentle pit bull that he decided to foster Harvard until he could be adopted.

But even that turned out not to be enough. Officer Melbar and Harvard bonded. It wasn’t long before

t wasn’t long before Melbar decided to adopt Harvard and give him a forever home.

“He just rolls over, wants you to rub his belly. He’s not aggressive at all…he’s just been pretty lovable,” said Melbar.

We should always be thankful for the brave officers who choose to protect and serve our communities, including the dogs living within them.

Source: Gladwire



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