Cop Follows Agitated Black Lab, Shocked When He Sees What The Dog Is Desperately Trying To Show Him

Research has proven that owning a dog is good for your health. Petting a dog lowers your blood pressure, calms your breathing and just generally makes you feel better.

Dogs are wonderful company and a great help in overcoming depression. Sometimes, owning a dog can actually save your life.

That’s what happened to one Germantown, Wisconsin woman.

Wisconsin patrol officer Jeff Gonzales was out for a routine patrol when he noticed a black Labrador retriever trotting nervously down the sidewalk.

Patrol officers get to know all the people as well as dogs on their beat after a while. But, Gonzales didn’t recognize this one.

He was a little concerned about the way the dog was acting. It was pretty clear that he wasn’t a stray; he looked very well cared for and was wearing a collar and current tags.

But, something was definitely off about his behavior. So, Gonzales stopped his car and got out to call the dog over.

The dog started over to him, then wheeled around and took off down the sidewalk in the opposite direction. He stopped and turned around, as if wondering what was taking the officer so long. 

Office Gonzales decided to follow the dog. So, he radioed in his location and took off in the direction the dog had gone.

He caught up to him and followed the dog up to the front of a house where the dog suddenly stopped. The officer was on red alert at that point. 

Something was definitely wrong. A woman was sitting on the front porch, surrounded by snow, in a chair.

Some people do sit outside in cold temperatures. But this woman was slumped over, and wearing nothing but pajamas in single digit temperature.

The officer ran over to the woman and began to check her vital signs. Officer Gonzales reported later that he feared he was too late to help her, as her lips were already turning blue.

He was thrilled to find that she was still breathing! The officer carried her inside and immediately called the paramedics.

The woman, identified as Krystal Lower, was revived and after basic treatment regained consciousness. She was taken to a local hospital where her daughter soon joined her.

The daughter had been told by neighbors that her mother was at the hospital, but presumed dead. They told her the woman had been outside in 3-degree temperature for over an hour, wearing nothing but her pajamas and light housecoat.

Doctors still don’t know what caused the woman to pass out. She was undergoing testing at this writing.

The daughter tearfully told Officer Gonzales that she would owe him forever for saving her mother’s life. He told her with a shy smile that he was just doing his job. It had been her dog that was the true hero of the story.

She told the officer that her mother definitely had two guardian angels watching over her that day. She added that the dog, John Boy, would be getting extra treats for the rest of his life.

Watch their touching story…

We all love a good “Lassie story” where a dog saves someone’s life. It’s even more touching when he saves the life of someone he loves.

Source: The Epoch Times

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