Couple Adopts Precious Little Corgi, He Has Many ‘Firsts’ And They’re Adorable

There’s nothing cuter than a puppy. Unless it’s perhaps a fluffy cuddly Corgi puppy with an adorable outlook on life.

Most of us won’t ever get the chance to watch a baby Corgi grow up. But now that doesn’t mean we won’t get to experience it at least secondhand.

A little Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Kylo really lucked out in the parent lottery. He hit the big one, with folks that really have this whole puppy parenting thing down pat.

They understood that taking responsibility for a dog’s life is just that. A responsibility.

Something they aren’t taking lightly. While some pet parents may think it’s ok to just let a dog exist around them, these parents are making sure that Kylo really lives.

They understand that to a baby puppy everything is new, a little bit scary and always a lot exciting. They wanted to always remember these special moments with their new little fluffy bundle of joy.

So, from the minute they adopted Kylo when he was just a few weeks old, they began documenting all of the “firsts” in his life. First, hug from them. First car ride. First…everything!

Once Kylo had “car riding” down, he was ready for his next assignment. Like a world class spy, there was nothing Kylo wouldn’t take on.

Exploring their house was a tall order for such a short pup, but Kylo managed to get it done in record time. He sniffed everything, looked at everything, barked at a couple of things and through it all kept his little Corgi grin well in place.

He seemed to have a hard time realizing that all of this lovely space was to be his domain. Then his little heart jumped with joy when they told him that there was more.

On his first trip to their back yard, little Kylo was almost beside himself (which would have been pretty cute, certainly nothing is more adorable than a corgi puppy except maybe two of them).

After he made his first excited run around the yard, he made his first mad dash to his doggy dad where he jumped into his waiting arms.

And mom was there to photograph every move. Over the next few weeks, he was photographed during his first bath and his first attempt at playing with a tennis ball.

The tennis ball was a little difficult at first since the ball was almost as big as his entire head. But, since he was now Kylo the Magnificent, he managed in no time at all to have it whipped into shape.

He could only grasp a little big of the fuzz since the ball wouldn’t fit in his mouth. But that was enough to allow him to carry the ball everywhere he went, just to be sure it stayed out of trouble of course.

Kylo’s first attempt at going up the stairs didn’t end quite as magnificently as his other first attempts. He still managed to look cute doing it though. And in the long run isn’t that what matters most?

We don’t know all the details, but we’ve seen the evidence that for a short while Kylo spent time in the “cone of shame.” He also had to stay at home alone for his first time. That wasn’t so great. But the first time his parents came back home, well, that was cause for great joy.

He was so cute greeting him at the door, his parents couldn’t even stay mad at him long for the terrible mess he’d made. He was a puppy after all, and they quickly realized the mess was their fault, not Kylo’s.

As his first year passed, Kylo had one after another first. There was his first Halloween, his first year to trick or treat. Being with Kylo is always a treat, so we’re sure there were few tricks involved.

Then there was his first Christmas. We haven’t seen the photos yet, but we can almost bet that he was on Santa’s “good list” and thus got lots of Christmas goodies.

Kylo still is the king of his domain, wisely keeping his paw on the pulse of the family. Something he loves doing because he realizes he has the best family ever.

Kylo and his parents are poster examples of what being a good owner can do for a good dog. Kylo was born special. But it is because of his fabulous adoptive parents that he is growing up to be such a blessing to so many.

If you have a chance to offer a puppy all of the firsts in his life, make sure you too are as careful as Kylo’s parents to see to it that they are all good experiences. And don’t forget to document the moments. They grow up so quickly…

Here’s the video of Kylo’s ‘firsts’. Enjoy!

Haven’t gotten enough of Kylo yet? Join him on his very own Facebook page by clicking here. He also has his own Instagram account.

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