Couple Shines Light Inside Dark Burrow, What Pops Out To Say Hello Makes Them Squeal With Delight!

As a general rule of thumb, exploring dark holes in nature isn’t always the best idea.

Hikers have gotten into all sorts of trouble by plumbing the natural depths; whether it’s wandering into a cave or shoving a hand into a mystery burrow.

But sometimes, the most adorable things can happen when you’re out and about, armed with a little flashlight.

This couple noticed a little spot under a board, for example. Seemed harmless enough.

Of course, this is where you expect a snake or a rat to jump out of the darkness (Halloween is in just a few days, after all).

But no, this time, something truly amazing “jumped” out from the hole.

“Jumped” is perhaps the wrong word to use, as it took this cute little creature a good 40 seconds to make its “leap.”

And that’s because tortoises move kinda slow.

Yes, the burrow is the home of Taco the baby tortoise and the couple first found him when walking outside.

Now, they go to visit him and are stunned when he appears at the sounds of their voices. Just ask, and here comes Taco!

Typically, turtles of any kind aren’t seen as “cute” or “adorable” by everyone. But in this case…

Come on, what’s cuter than this?

Not much besides a bagful of kittens.

Source: We Love Animals

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