Couple Spots Something Strange Hanging On A Twig…When They See What It Is, Their Jaws Drop

When you’re out and about in the wild, you never know what you’ll stumble across.

Sometimes it’s beautiful, sometimes it’s a little dangerous, and sometimes, it’s just plain heartbreaking.

And if it’s the latter and you can do something to make the situation better, you need to react.

One couple was out having a lovely picnic in South Africa’s Kruger National Park when they heard a strange sound.

It seemed to be coming from a copse of nearby trees, but it was difficult to pinpoint the sound.

The curious couple came closer, initially thinking it might be an odd little bird.

But when they got close enough, they saw a tiny body hanging from a twig…and it wasn’t a bird.

No, in fact, Elize and Anton Olivier had spotted a newborn squirrel that had fallen and was now in dire straits.

It was crying for help and the couple knew it would eventually fall.

The only problem was the poor thing was way up there and neither Anton nor Elize could reach him just standing on the ground.

So, they started to construct a makeshift ladder.

They snagged a nearby picnic table and put it at the base of the tree, then stacked a chair on top of that.

And while tall enough, it just wouldn’t have supported the weight. So it was a no-go…and time was running out.

That’s when Anton decided to back their vehicle towards the tree, so he could stand on the roof.

That worked.

Anton carefully got the tiny squirrel off the branch and put it into a towel. At that point, they knew the baby was safe.

This is the kind of thing you’d hope everyone on earth would do. But they don’t.

No, only kind-hearted people – and people with a little ingenuity – pull off such amazing rescues, and we applaud them all!

Source: Honest to Paws

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