Little Girl Brings Cow Into The House, Her Excuse Is Totally Hilarious

If you are the animal loving parent of an animal loving child, you no doubt have experienced the nearly irresistible request of your child for a new pet.

More so than many adults, children beg to have more animals to love. They want cats, dogs, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, bunnies, turtles and even snakes to join their families.

The little girl in this story has a rather unusual pet in her home. Five-year-old Breanna’s best furry friend is her pet cow, Izzy. Izzy was rescued by her family after contracting pneumonia.

Breanna’s mother, Billy Jo, was surprised when she came inside one day and found Breanna and Izzy together inside the house.

Her mother gives Breanna a chance to explain why Izzy is there, but Breanna tries to save face in the most adorable fashion.

Breanna first claims that Izzy snuck in, pooped in the house and that Breanna cleaned it up already. Then she claims that Izzy was playing with her toys.

Throughout the entire interaction, Izzy rests comfortably, lying down on the ground while Breanna runs around her, plays with her and even checks out her scratched up leg.

Eventually, Breanna snuggles up with her best friend and gives her mom that precious look. She gently pets Izzy’s head, hugs her and kisses her.

Then Izzy and Breanna snuggle up with Breanna lying against Izzy and Izzy’s head in Breanna’s lap.

Her mom is thankful that Izzy is only on the enclosed porch and not all the way in the house. What would you do if your child pulled a stunt like Breanna did?

Source: World of Animals



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