Fishermen Terrified As Massive Creature Gives Chase. As It Gets Closer, Fear Turns To Heartbreak

The serenity of the open ocean is often disrupted by any of many dangers lurking below the sea’s surface.

Fishermen heading back to shore near Sydney, Australia, were alarmed when they spotted a huge object tracking their boat. It was headed straight toward them off Killarney Point.

All they could do was watch, and wait, to see what would catch them.

When it surfaced beside them, they were at once relieved and struck with fear.

They needed to act to save the creature that caught them.

Ivan Iskenderian and Michael Riggio realized the beautiful southern right whale tracked their boat for a reason.

It was caught in fishing line, and desperately needed help.

Fishing line ensnared the whale’s head. Many marine animals die each year after being trapped in discarded fishing lines and nets.

If fishing twine keeps them from eating, they die.

This whale was determined to get help from the two fishermen.

The fishermen worked together. One steered the boat and the other risked life and limb to lean outside the boat over the water. They had to remove they fishing line off the whale.

Several attempts failed as the boat and whale seemed unable to get close enough together.

The whale appeared to know it couldn’t give up and moved closer to the boat. It submerged, then came up even closer to the boat.

The fishermen didn’t back off, and finally made contact with the whale.

In an instant – with one swift grab – the fishing line was pulled off the whale.

Celebration ensued from the fishermen, and the whale blasted a breath of air high into the air.

As they whale drifted away, other fishermen filming the encounter praised the duo that helped the whale.

Watch the determined fishermen here:

Whales are amazing creatures. Despite all that humans have done to them – hunting, trashing the oceans – these beautiful creatures keep reaching out to humans.

Saving whales, whether one-on-one or on a larger scale, should be a priority.

Whales know people will do good when push comes to shove.

Source: Honest To Paws

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