Cruel Owner Says This ‘Defective’ Pup Needs To Die, But a Furious Vet Has A Better Idea

When someone calls a dog “defective,” aren’t you just furious?

I mean, even if there is something physically or mentally wrong with the poor animal, you have the icy gall to call it “defective?”

Worse, you’re going to dump it on the counter at the vet’s office and order the doctor to kill the ailing creature?

How sick must you be?

Well, this is exactly what happened to a veterinarian recently, when a pet shop owner dropped a tiny pup in the vet’s office and said the “defective” pup should be euthanized.

The little dog was confused and terrified, and kept shaking in the shocked doctor’s arms. And worse, this wasn’t the first time.

As Social Tees Animal Rescue co-founder Dimitra Molossi told The Dodo:

The receptionist said he was the owner of a pet store nearby and nobody was buying her.

Apparently he’s dumped animals with them before.

And this person owns a pet store?! Don’t you suddenly feel very, very bad for the animals in that store?

Anyway, returning to the pup, a beautiful Chihuahua named Clover, he wasn’t in good condition. No surprise there, unfortunately.

Clover had gotten no exercise at all, and her two back legs had a serious bacterial infection. One of her front legs was slightly bent, too.

Furthermore, he’d never been to a vet to get the required – and necessary – vaccinations, which is commonly found among most puppy mill pooches.

But the vet wasn’t about to let Clover die simply due to human cruelty and ignorance!

The vet quickly got in touch with a foster family, and gave Clover the first round of antibiotics and vaccinations she so desperately needed. Added Molossi:

She is just a baby — so hopefully she will never remember any of that.

She was just sitting in this box at a pet store and everyone passed her up because of her leg.

He was probably trying to sell her for at least $1,500.

Yup, only interested in profit; not interested at all in giving a needy animal a loving home.

That’s where kind-hearted vets and dedicated rescue professionals come in.

And Clover is finally getting the love and help she needs; the foster mom even gives the pup therapeutic massages on her legs every day!

She has no idea that she is any different,” Molossi finished.

“She runs around and plays all day. Her tail won’t stop wagging.

Fantastic result!

Let’s hope the future is very, very bright for this rescued pup!

Sources: The Dodo, Pawpulous

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