After Being Hit By A Car, Mugsy Passes Away – But What Happens 14 Hours Later Leaves Oprah Speechless!

Nobody saw this coming!

If you can surprise Oprah, you’ve made an impression.

Heck, if you end up on her show, chances are you’ve done something pretty incredible already.

In this case, it was the story of Mugsy, a 4-year-old Jack Russell terrier, that captured everyone’s imagination.

And you might not have heard about it, as it happened 27 years ago:

Back in October 1990, Mugsy’s mom, Viola, was at work, and her boyfriend Glenn was home taking care of their two young children.

That’s when Glenn heard something awful and ran outside.

Mugsy had been hit by a vehicle and was bleeding on the ground and Glenn knew the situation was dire.

So dire, in fact, that by the time he got back to the house with the injured pet, the beloved family dog had passed on.

He described Mugsy as being “real dead,” as in no breath or heartbeat. It was over.

Glenn told the kids to stay inside and he carried Mugsy away and buried him in a modest grave. And that was that.

Later that night, Viola and the kids went to see the grave and say goodbye. As you might expect, it was a somber occasion.

One of the kids offered up a tearful prayer and then the family went home to bed.

…but someone up there must’ve heard the prayer.

Because at 5:30 in the morning, 14 hours after Mugsy was struck, Glenn was awakened by the sound of scratching at the door.

And when they opened it, well, they just couldn’t believe their eyes.

There was Mugsy and he was even wagging his tail!

As it turns out, the dog hadn’t been completely dead; his heartbeat had only slowed to such a slow rate as to be undetectable.

And though he still needed medical attention, Mugsy was mostly okay.

Yep, dug himself free and came home, freshly roused from the “dead”!

If this story doesn’t get you smiling, you should check YOUR pulse.

Source: Little Things

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