WOW! When This Horse Hears His Favorite Song He Knows EXACTLY What To Do!

There is nothing quite like seeing the majestic Clydesdale horses strutting by as they frolic in a field. Thoroughbreds are among the most beautiful creatures on Earth.

Even rescued and former workhorses have a grace, elegance and beauty about them that is undeniable.

Yet, as beautiful and graceful as these horses naturally are, they are also some of the most entertaining animals around.

Their ability to bond with their people and work with them and who watch them is amazing.

Horses are strong and powerful animals, much stronger than we are, who can be extremely gentle. They also have better hearing that we do, allowing them to hear much more accurately than people.

Perhaps this is one reason why the horse in this video is so much fun to watch.

Billy Ray Cyrus’s Achy Breaky Heart created a firestorm when it was released along with its signature dance. It’s still performed and enjoyed in many venues. The horse in this venue enjoys it, too!

Watch as the music starts. He knows just what to do and when to do it. The horse and rider keep in perfect step with their human dancing counterparts.

As the audience begins to realize what the horse is doing, they join in the fun and celebrate the horse’s abilities! He totally steals the show.

He doesn’t miss as step as the horse joins the people performing the Achy Breaky Heart dance.

At the end, he happily receives his applause and a gentle pat on the neck. What a beautiful and talented horse!

Source: All Cute All The Time



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