Days From Being Slaughtered For Soup, It Seemed All Hope Was Lost For Jennie Until…

Some cultures around the world refuse to move beyond barbaric actions against innocent pets.

Dogs are some of the most abused domestic animals on the planet.

Little Jennie didn’t have a chance in hell.

The Chihuahua mix was forced to live with hundreds of other dogs in tiny metal cages with wire bottoms. The dogs moved in the cages in constant pain in their feet with no blanket or other source of comfort.

All the dogs were exposed to the elements and were given little food and water to survive.

The smell of death was always in the air for Jennie and all the other dogs at the dog meat farm where they were housed.

They were destined to be butchered, carved into serving-sizes and served in a spicy soup.

Dining on dogs is part of South Korea’s Bok Nal summer season where more than 1 million dogs are killed and eaten each year. South Korean’s eat more than 2 million dogs annually.

Little Jennie’s fate with the butcher was miraculously changed when Humane Society International stepped in to fight South Korean culture.

The dog meat farm was shut down, one of six that the society has shut down in the dog-eating country. Humane Society International saved Jennie and 149 other dogs from one farm.

Jennie and the other dogs were taken to the Sheboygan County Humane Society in Sheboygan, Wisc. After medical examinations and baths, the rescued dogs were a blur of wagging tails.

Jennie especially is making up for time spent in a filthy, caged hell. She runs around freely and loves on anyone at whom she can shake her tail. Watch her here:

Little Jennie and the other dogs will be placed for adoption, but not too soon. Abused animals such as these need time to heal, adjust to a safe environment and trust humans again.

Humane Society International continues its work against dog meat farms, and every dog they rescue is one more precious life saved from death.

Source: The Animal Rescue Site

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