Blanco Was Chained Up, Deaf And Suffering From Mange – Things Looked Bleak Until…

Countless animals suffer needlessly every day.

Every single one of these neglected, abused animals need rescuing and ultimately, a loving home.

But remember, if you’re looking to adopt one such needy animal, you shouldn’t overlook those who have a few problems.

Sure, it’s easy as pie to pick out a nice healthy dog and bring him home. It’s easier the whole way ’round, right?

But animal rescue volunteer Holly Dean sees so many animals in need, she’s not about to take the easy way out.

No, this compassionate soul is perfectly willing to take on a poor mistreated furry friend, regardless of the issues.

Dean, who sees suffering every day, heard about a bunch of dogs being kept in chains near her house in San Antonio, Texas.

Rescue units were able to save these dogs, and that’s when Holly got a chance to visit the tormented pups.

One dog above all others caught her eye.

He was white and apparently quite happy. But he had had a very difficult life:

He suffered from mange and a skin infection due to numerous flea bites and that wasn’t all.

This cute-as-a-button dog was also deaf.

But it didn’t faze Ms. Holly Dean in the slightest. She brought him home, gave him a name – Blanco – and fixed him up proper.

Now, Blanco looks absolutely fantastic and he’s one very cheerful canine.

The best part is when he communicates with his new owner; he tilts his head this way and that, trying to understand Holly’s words and actions.

It’s really one of the most adorable darn things you’ll ever see.

For the record, Holly Dean has a history of helping dogs in distress.

Prior to Blanco, she nursed a yellow lab named Millie back to health, and that’s just one of 8 other rescued dogs.

This woman deserves a medal!

Sources: NTD TV, Facebook

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