Deer Finds a New Best Friend and the Internet Can’t Get Enough

Deer can be surprising creatures. Sometimes they can be extremely friendly or just the opposite and super shy. No matter what they seem to be, they are gentle creatures with no ill will. When a man and his dog were sitting in their backyard, they were astonished by this deer’s actions.

Mike Morgan adopted his dog Zuzu a while back. When he first got her, she was timid. Well, now she is quite the opposite. When Zuzu spotted the neighborhood across the fence, Morgan did not know how Zuzu was going to react.

What happened next was the last thing Morgan expected.

After just one sniff, the deer hopped the fence into the backyard. The two actually began to play together as if they knew each other for years and were the best of friends. Morgan was in shock by this scene. After a while, they even began to play something like tag. All Morgan could do was snap pictures. He adds,

“Zuzu reacted almost like the deer was another dog. Just playing and stuff.”

Soon playtime was unfortunately over, but the fun did not stop there. After a day of fun, the pair ran into the deer again, but on a walk. Surprisingly, the deer walked with them for several blocks. Zuzu could not be more happy to see her new friend again!

After the walk was over, Mike and Zuzu never saw the deer again. At least he took a video to remember the awesome moment by. Please watch the video below if you want to see Zuzu play with her new friend!

Please share this fun story with friends! It is truly awesome to see two different species get along so well. The deer and Zuzu set a great example for all of us to follow.

Featured Image Screenshot from Michael Morgan via YouTube Video

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