Rescuers Rush To Save Small Deer Hit By A Car. Realize They Have To Take Desperate Measures

As humans, we don’t face the same dangers as wild animals. We do have many other concerns in life, but at least we know when not to cross a busy street.

To an animal, it isn’t so easy. They stand at the side of the road not understanding when it’s safe to cross, and many end up getting hit by a car.

That’s what happened to one small deer who decided to cut across a busy highway. She saw the cars but didn’t know that they would hurt her if she didn’t reach the other side in time.

What happened next was to be expected. She was struck head-on by a car. However, luckily for her someone at least had the heart to report her accident to a wildlife rescue.

Simon, a worker from the Wildlife Aid Foundation in Surrey, England, was the one who responded to the call.

And when he found her, he was relieved to find that she had a few deep cuts on her head, but nothing that couldn’t be treated.

In fact, the biggest obstacle Simon faced had nothing to do with the injuries she sustained from the car hitting her.

According to Liftable, Simon knew he had to act fast to save the weak and injured deer. And there was one important factor that played a part in his urgency.

“Time is of the essence with deer, as they suffer from capture myopathy, which is a complex disease associated with the capture or handling of any wild animal,” the video description read.

“A deer can die of capture myopathy when too stressed.”

Considering this risk, veterinarian doctor, Emma, didn’t waste anytime stitching the deer’s wounds. She and Simon decided to head back out to the woods in hopes that the animal would survive.

When they arrived back near the area where they had found her, they carried her out deep in the woods and tried to sweet talk her into standing up. But, it didn’t work.

It was obvious that she needed some more time to clear her head and recover from the shock of being hit. So they waited awhile and took her deeper into the woods and tried again.

Still, it took awhile but she finally stood on her own. And, Simon and Emma were relieved when they finally were able to watch her steadily wander off into the woods.

The moment is a real tear-jerker, and you can catch it in the video below.

Source: Liftable

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