Dennis The Dieting Dachshund, Keeps New Year’s Resolution, Shows Off Svelte Figure

Losing weight is hard, especially when you live with a family of fast food eaters. Try as you may to not give in to temptation, having it in front of you constantly,  you’re probably going to reach for a slice of pizza.

Dennis is a spoiled Dachshund whose family fed him White Castle burgers and pizza. They were thinking that they were pampering the little guy, but in fact, they were killing him.

We’re  not supposed to feed our dogs ‘people food’ even though we’re all guilty of giving them a nibble of something now and then. But Dennis’ family took things waaaay too far.

The poor pooch ended up weighing 44 pounds, with the average dachshund weighing around 20 pounds tops – YIKES!

When his family was told he had to lose weight and that he could have no more burgers and pizza, they were so afraid of losing him that they took immediate action.

Out went the fast food and in came the dog food. Dennis wasn’t happy at first, but he got used to it. Not only that, Dennis started going on daily walks.

The transformation is incredible!

Check out the video and see for yourself…he lost 44 pounds and doesn’t look like the same dog!

Source: Huffington Post

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