Desperate Burglar Targets Family Of 5…But He Didn’t Count On Their 150-Pound Security System

A man’s home is his castle.

And when you have a wife and three kids, it’s infinitely more valuable than a family-less mansion with priceless collectibles.

You protect what’s yours but more importantly, you protect your loved ones.

However, this can be a terrifying proposition at times, which is why it’s a good idea to have some help…

Derek Thomas’ wife and kids were asleep one Thursday night, but he was still up watching Thursday night football.

That’s when a suspicious shadow caught his attention.

He ran for the gun he keeps for protection, then came out the front door, ready for anything.

That’s when he saw a strange man rummaging around in his truck. So Derek fired off a warning shot, which surprised the robber.

The burglar froze and took cover but it wasn’t over.

Once Derek had the man on the ground, he yelled out to his wife to call 911 and then, everyone heard some very loud barking.

So, Derek delivered a message to the burglar:

He [Tank] started barking and going crazy.

I said, ‘You hear that? That’s my 150-pound dog, and I’m not chasing you, but if you run he’s going to catch you.

Derek wasn’t going to shoot the guy and maybe the perpetrator knew it, so he might hazard an escape.

But he wasn’t about to go anywhere with a 150-pound Great Dane on his tail!

Yes, the family dog, Tank, is quite the intimidating creature and while a human might be lenient, that dog is gonna protect his owners.

And if that dog believes brutal force is necessary to do so, watch out.

As a result, 25-year-old Michael Conklin never moved a muscle and was arrested when police arrived minutes later.

Conklin was in possession of needles, heroin, suspected meth, and $3,500, and he already had several drug convictions.

Drug addicts can be exceedingly dangerous when they’re desperate.

It’s not a bad idea to be armed but isn’t it great to have an insurance policy like Tank? 😉

Source: WDRB News

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