Desperate Mugger Attacks Woman From Behind, Now Watch A Furry Hero Leap Into Action!

You have to be careful out there on the street.

Women especially are targets for criminals, and it can be terrifying when a stranger tries to rip your bag from your shoulder.

Maybe that’s why it’s a good idea to have a furry friend around…

The following video was captured in Podgorica, the former Yugoslav country, and it proves that dogs are fantastic protectors!

We see a woman walking along, carrying some bags. We also see a man approaching in a yellow coat.

Perhaps this guy should’ve noticed the dog sitting nearby, or maybe he just didn’t care.

It was a stay; the woman wasn’t his owner. So perhaps the dog wouldn’t care.

Oh, he cared.

The instant the mugger strikes, the good-hearted canine leaps into action and drives off the would-be assailant!

They say the dog is called Medo, which means “teddy bear.” Yeah, well, that’s one fierce teddy bear.

The video has gone crazy viral after being shared thousands and thousands of times, and you can probably see why.

Maybe now this woman will get herself a pet dog. 😉

Source: DoggiesCare

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