Deep-Sea Diver Comes Face to Face with Shark…Hilarity Ensues

Ever been dared to do something dangerous?

Something like, “Hey, run up and pat that scary beast on the head?”

Taking that dare doesn’t usually turn out well.

For one scuba diver, he doesn’t need a dare when he pats underwater “beasts” that are slicing through the ocean all around him.

Diver Rick Anderson loves the ocean, and loathes the cinematic sensationalism that makes people believe “Jaws” is real.

He wants people to understand that sharks are more cute than deadly.

Anderson, who teaches scuba diving in New South Wales, has a certain cute and, well, cuddly shark to share with the world.

The expert diver connected with his “pet” Port Jackson shark during a dive after it hatched. At 6 inches long, the shark was just looking to survive off the coast of Nobby’s Bearch.

“Just to show students how friendly sharks were, I coaxed it into my hand and patted it,” Anderson told media. “Then I saw it every couple of months and would give it a pat.”

That first encounter wasn’t so much a dare, but an opportunity to display the relationship with the shark to his diving students.

The female Port Jackson shark – now 5 ½-feet long – appears to remember Anderson. With each dive in waters near the shark, he said she swims close and waits for him to cuddle and pat her.

It’s an affectionate display he wants to share. His goal is to help reduce the fear people have for these sea creatures wrongly portrayed as death machines.

“The biggest misconception about sharks is that they are all mindless killers lying in wait for people to enter the water so they can be devoured,” Anderson told the media.

Anderson takes his message to heart, and dares to practice what he preaches.

Along with Port Jackson sharks, Anderson has dared to swim with other shark species. Some are sharks that have been “glorified” as deadly such as tiger, hammerhead and great white sharks.

Source: NTD TV

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