Doberman Locked In Epic 4-Hour Battle To Protect Owner Against Four Deadly Foes…Incredible!

Dobermans are fierce protectors.

These exceedingly loyal companions will fight to the death to save their owner’s life.

Nothing will deter them from this honorable duty, which is why so many people place so much faith in the Doberman.

Nobody understands this better than Dibakar Raita, who will always be thankful his protective pal turned out to be a guardian angel.

Raita, who lives in the village of Sebekapur in the Gajapati region of Odisha, east India, had no idea what lurked outside his mountain house.

But his pet Doberman did.

It seems four deadly mountain cobras approached the home and that was an extremely dangerous situation for Raita and his family.

The Doberman didn’t flinch in the face of adversity, though.

He stood his ground and apparently fought the snakes nonstop for four hours. The battle must’ve been epic.

And when it was over, all four snakes lay dead, forever unable to harm Raita or any member of his family.

Sadly, however, the Doberman also succumbed to his injuries and died on the scene.

Said Raita:

I’m shocked. He has made the supreme sacrifice for me and my family. I will remember him till our death.

I pray God – May his soul rest in peace.

The amazed and thankful owner wasn’t the only person to be impressed by this story.

In fact, hundreds of people came from all over to pay their respects to the heroic canine, and they even held a funeral procession for him!

These are individuals who have the utmost respect for their furry friends, and it’s beautiful to hear about.

How many times have faithful animal protectors saved the life of a human?

Countless, I’m willing to bet.

Source: Deccan Chronicle

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