Dog Was Abandoned Outside Animal Hospital With Heart-Wrenching Note, But It Wasn’t The Dog They Scrambled To Save…

As much as we love animals, the sad fact is, not all of us can support them. There are times when people are forced to let go of the pets they love. Usually, they have no choice.

The volunteers at shelters work, often around the clock, to help care for abandoned pets and find them homes.

Litchfield Hills Veterinary Animal Hospital is one of those organizations. They care for animals, offering what help they can lend, especially to animals who lose their owners.

One morning they encountered a truly unique experience. The workers at this hospital went outside to discover a dog in his crate. The dog was wearing a red bandana, with a note attached. It seems the note was written by his owner who, in the words of the dog, explained why they had to abandon him.

A portion of the note read:

“My name is Fatty McFat. I am aggressive only because I’m scared. My owner loves me very much, I am their life! My human went homeless and found out they have a disease and cannot care for me. Please don’t judge them.”

Fatty McFat is a male Pitbull. With no tracking microchip attached, the staffers at the hospital had no way to discover the identity of his owner. The heartbreaking note left them, understandably, in tears.

It’s clear this owner did not abandon Fatty out of hate or neglect. Like most pet-lovers, they would not part with his dog unless absolutely necessary. It seems like Fatty’s owner had hit hard times.

Homeless, probably without a job, and suffering from a disease, they could not care for both themselves and the dog they loved.

According to the note, they tried to re-home Fatty, to no success. So they had no choice but to leave him outside the hospital, hoping for the best.

Based on the examination, it seems like Fatty was healthy and had been treated kindly. They found his crate beneath a shady tree, with a large bag of food, bowls, blankets, and toys.

The staff went to work right away on behalf of Fatty. They weren’t just interested in finding him a new home, but to help his owner, who was also suffering.

There is a happy ending to this story. They were able to locate Harwin and both owner and dog are receiving assistance. With the help of their community, this dog and his owner can be reunited.

This story shows to what great lengths owners will go to ensure their dog’s well-being. And what the rest of us will do to help those in need, both dogs, and humans alike.

Source: Goodfullness

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Written by Adam Casalino

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