Family Found A Dog With The Biggest Head And Shortest Legs, His DNA Results Are Shocking

Dog people tend to love all dogs. We love their furry bodies, their adorable faces that can be so incredibly expressive and their unconditional love.

There are some dogs that are so stunning that everyone gasps as they see them. And there are other dogs that are so unusual that they leave us all wondering how they became that way.

Some dogs have unusual personalities. Some dogs reach out to other species in unexpected ways. And some dogs simply look different.

This is the story of a dog who most definitely fits into the last category. The adorable puppy has super short legs and an unusually large head.

In June, the Humane Society in Silicon Valley, California received four new puppies estimated to be only about six weeks old.

“The four of them were found as strays, and a Good Samaritan brought them in,” Finnegan Dowling of the Humane Society told The Dodo.


Lauren Gallagher, another employee of the Humane Society, took the dogs home to foster them until they could find their forever homes. One of the pups, in particular, stood out to her.

Three of the puppies looked like typical collie mixes. But the fourth puppy received the nickname Bighead for his short, stubby feet and his unusually large head.

“There were these three very normal puppies, and there was this one puppy with this ginormous melon head,” Dowling said.

“So, everyone was like, ‘Oh, it’s the big head puppy.’ I think she keeps meaning to change his name, but everyone has gotten so used to calling him Bighead.”

No one is quite certain how Bighead came to look so much different than his litter mates. But he does seem to be a happy, healthy dog ruling out any debilitating medical condition.

Dowling reportedly suspects that Bighead might have a different father than the rest of his litter mates.

“It’s not unusual for litters to have different fathers, and to see a big diversity in those litters,” Dowling said. Bighead’s unique look prompted employees at the Humane Society Silicon Valley to get a full check of his DNA to see if they could determine what breed he is.

In the meantime, staff at the Humane Society continued to guess.

“It’s become such a big thing about what Bighead is,” Dowling said. “There’s an internal contest with a gift card on the line.

In the end, they did find out Bighead’s breed, and it surprised everyone.

“He is 25 percent Shar-Pei, 25 percent boxer, 12.5 American Staffordshire terrier mix, 12.5 percent border collie, 12.5 percent Lhasa Apso and the rest are mixed-breed groups,” Dowling said.

Bighead and all of his litter mates did find their forever homes.

And he did not even have to move. Gallagher had fallen so in love with this adorably unusual puppy that she could not give him up.

Her home became his forever home. Bighead has two brothers. Otto is a Weimaraner and Dozer is a Great Dane.

“Dozer is really gentle,” Dowling said. “He just gets down on his belly and plays with him. I would say that she has fostered dozens, if not hundreds, of puppies for us, and has never kept one. But she kept Bighead.”

“He’ll probably always be a short, stocky, stubby little dude,” Dowling said. “It would be interesting to see if he grows into that ginormous melon head of his. But I’m kind of inclined to say ‘no.’ Bighead is enormously happy in his home. He kind of won the dog lotto by getting adopted by Lauren.”

Staff at the Humane Society are also personally glad that Gallagher adopted Bighead. That means that they get to keep seeing him and watch him grow. Gallagher brings Bighead to work with her at the Humane Society every day.

He’s ridiculously spoiled because he gets carried all over the place,” Dowling said. “People are just constantly picking him up and carrying him around and taking him to different meetings. He’s a very sweet, social little guy. He’s definitely the office darling.”

As for how big Bighead will grow as an adult, no one really knows. Given the stew of breeds which comprise his DNA, no one is quite sure what to expect. We do know one thing for certain, however.

This lucky, former stray is never again going to be without the love and affection he deserves.

Seeing the photos for yourself, let us know what you think of the name Bighead. Should it be changed? If so, what names do you think would fit this precious pooch?

Source: The Dog Channel



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