Watch This Dog’s Adorable Reaction When He Finds out That Birthday Cake Is Actually His!

Everybody loves getting a special treat on their birthday, but holy cow this dog’s reaction to his surprise takes the cake – literally!

Cake is mine?

So, Apollo’s parents ordered a custom doggy cake for his birthday. It looks exactly like a human cake — it even has his name written on it in green.

Apollo’s owner puts a little party hat on him and he’s still confused for a minute, but then…it hits him! He realizes that all the fuss, including the cake, is for him. You’ll never see a happier birthday boy in your life.

Oh my goodness

Look at that face! (:

Reddit, where the pictures were originally posted, fell totally in love with him. So much so that it received 19,000 votes in only 24 hours!

The reactions from Reddit readers are pretty awesome. Here are a few…

We totally agree. This is the best reaction to a cake ever. Happy birthday, Apollo!

Source: Happiest

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