Adopted Dog Is Crushed He Can’t Win Over Family Cat, Then A New Arrival Changes Everything

Some dogs establish a fetish for specific things that make them go completely insane, like chasing sticks or tennis balls. Or for some, just hearing the whispered word “squirrel.”

Then, there are dogs like a particular pit bull in California that has an affinity for something that goes against everything you may think you know about dogs.

His “favorite thing” is something you would never expect.

Ozzy the pit bull was adopted three years ago by the Lajeniss family of California. He proved himself to be a fantastic pet from the very beginning.

He loved attention from every member of his new family, and everyone he met.

But, Ozzy was especially attached to the Lajeniss’s youngest son. He stayed close by him and paid special attention to him. He almost seemed to be…mothering him.

Everyone loved him back, with one exception. The family cat, Norm.

No matter how much Ozzy tried to win him over, Norm wasn’t buying. He tried to ignore Ozzy.

In case you’ve never tried, it’s extremely difficult to ignore a massive pit bull that wants you to pay attention to him. But, Norm managed to do it with typical cat snobbery.

Ozzy never gave up hoping that one day Norm would show some sort of response to his constant affection. But, Norm never did.

Then one day, something happened that drove Ozzy practically into paroxysms of joy! There was a new cat in the house.

Someone new to obsess over. There was still a chance for Ozzy to find someone who would appreciate his mothering instincts.

Sadly, the new cat wasn’t all that thrilled with Ozzy’s overtures either. Winnie had been living on the street in the Lajeniss’s neighborhood.

When it became obvious that Winnie was about to become a mother, the Lajenisses decided they would let her have them in safety at their house.

They worried about how Ozzy and Norm would accept a newcomer. Both of them reacted as they expected.

Norm pretended she didn’t exist. Ozzy tried to win her over, and showed no signs of rejection when his advances were repeatedly rebuffed.

Then, one day, Winnie gave birth to five kittens. From that moment on, Ozzy’s life was filled with what he had been looking for his entire life. Unconditional love.

The family was a bit worried about what Winnie would do when Ozzy started trying to take over her mothering duties. They need not have worried. Winnie didn’t seem to mind at all.

In fact, she was probably thinking she had really landed in high cotton. A new home and a new nanny for her kids.

So long as she showed up for regular feedings, she didn’t have to worry about the usual mother duties. Ozzy stepped up to the plate for those.

He gave them regular baths. Kept them herded all together and whenever one got into trouble, Uncle Ozzy was right there to get them out. 

The kittens literally “walked all over” their Uncle Ozzy. And he loved every minute. His body became a little kitten playground where the babies tumbled and played.

Even Winnie eventually decided that Ozzy was being such a good uncle that she started accepting his affection. On a limited basis of course. She is a cat after all and has to keep up appearances.

The family knew they couldn’t keep all the kittens, but they decided to let Ozzy keep one. They named him Troublemaker.

Hopefully Ozzy can see to it that he doesn’t live up to his name too often.

Ozzy still tries to make overtures to Norm. Norm still isn’t having it. But, Ozzy doesn’t let it bother him too much. After all, he still has Troublemaker and Winnie to love.

And, that’s a lot more than a lot of other dogs have.

Pretty sure Ozzy feels sorry for those “normal” dogs that simply go bonkers over tennis balls and squeak toys. He has real live playthings, that love him back.

He’s a lucky boy. And he has a very lucky family to have such a special dog sharing their life!

Source: Honest To Paws

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