Watch: Dog Told He’s Getting A Curious Playmate – His Epic Reaction Instantly Goes Viral

Most pets like to have a playmate or two.

Of course, it stands to reason that a cat would like another cat, and a dog would like to have a fellow canine friend.

But really, dogs just love companionship in general, as we’ve seen examples of dogs befriending everything from birds to lizards.

In this case, a very cute house dog obviously wanted a companion for quite a while.

He was clearly a very social animal and every time he and his owner walked by the local pet store, the dog would sniff every puppy in the window.

So the owner decided that yes, it was time for the loyal pooch to have a friend.

…but not a dog friend.

Here’s what happened when he told his faithful follower that he’d be getting a furry companion, and it wasn’t a puppy.

Nope, it was a kitten.

The reaction is just priceless and for added fun, they dubbed in some human speech for the dog, which results in a hugely shareable video.

Really, this will just make your day:

Source: Honest to Paws

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