Dog Does A Cute Trick For A Treat, But It’s The Baby’s Reaction That Steals The Show

Too cute!

Dogs will do some outrageous things for treats.

That is precisely why they are used to train dogs. It doesn’t take much to get a dog started either. Most dogs will work for just about any food option you give them.

The puppy in this video certainly will. It is clear that he will quite literally go in circles to get his treat. But it is not the dog who steals the show in this video. It is his sidekick.

First, the puppy’s person holds a treat for him to see. He quickly recognizes it and stands up on his hind legs. His baby companion watches intently.

When the puppy starts to spin, his baby just can’t help but join in. He starts spinning along with his puppy.

Just look at the smile on this baby’s face. He is experiencing pure joy with his canine best buddy.


The pair continues spinning together. The puppy never takes his eyes off of his treat. And the baby just spins and grins at his puppy.

Activities such as this one are great for both the puppy and the baby. They are both learning to socialize, getting exercise and the baby is learning to imitate others.

These are all skills that will help both the puppy and the baby.

Is there anything as beautiful as watching a precious baby and his adorable puppy enjoying one another and sharing such a special moment?

Does your pet dance like this one? If so, please tell us about it!

Source: Pawpulous

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