Beloved Dog Dies Mysteriously In Kennel…Then Investigators Call Family With Shocking News

When you hand your pets over to be cared for, you expect the caregivers to do their jobs.

After all, you’re placing the lives of beloved family members in their hands.

And make no mistake, there are some stellar boarding facilities out there, with plenty of fantastic staff members.

But you have to be careful.

Because every now and then, you stumble across terrible stories like this one, which is bound to make animal lovers cry.

Nathan Wilson and his partner Dean Compton were going on vacation in Australia, and they didn’t want to leave their two dogs alone.

So, they decided to bring their dogs, a beautiful retriever named Charlotte and a handsome greyhound named Baron, to Jane’s Pet Resort.

It seemed like a nice place. Everything looked to be okay.

But when Nathan and Dean returned with their two kids – both of whom were anxious to see Charlotte and Baron again – they came back to tragedy.

They were told that only Charlotte would be going home with them…because Baron had sadly passed away.

But how?

The dog was completely healthy and only three years old, so what could have caused his untimely death?

Well, the grieving family got a clue when they got home, because that’s when Charlotte collapsed from heat stroke.

As it turns out, both dogs had been left in the searing Australian heat. Charlotte just made it but Baron didn’t.

Now, investigators at the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals are on the case but right now, it seems clear:

These two dogs were NOT properly cared for, and this resulted in death.

It should never have happened and it could’ve been easily prevented. Moral of the story?

Make absolutely certain of the facility in question when you intend to leave your beloved pets behind!

Source: Honest to Paws

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