Kellie Was Holding Inconsolable Bronson When She Realized Why He Was So Heavy-Hearted

Being in the wrong place at the wrong time can have disastrous results. There’s one dog in Florida that knows that now better than anyone.

Getting picked up by Animal Control is every dog’s worst nightmare — and that’s exactly what happened to Mico.


One dog that the shelter started calling Bronson had been picked up when he was seen walking a dirt road near Tampa.

He was with other dogs that were picked up at the same time.

They were listed as strays because they had on no identifying collars and weren’t microchipped.

But, Bronson got lucky. Hurricane Irma started heading for his part of the world. Usually, that might not have seemed like a good thing. But, this time, for Bronson at least, it was a lifesaver.

The shelter decided to evacuate all the stray animals in their care to other parts of the country to make room for the misplaced animals they knew would need help after the hurricane hit.


Bronson, the dogs he’d been picked up with and many others went with rescue volunteers to a shelter in Blount County, TN.

All of the dogs seemed excited to see the humans every day…All of them except Bronson.

The staff began to get worried.

Kellie Bachman, a volunteer at the shelter, tried to comfort Bronson by going into his kennel.

But he continued to lie on his back and cry. She put held him in her lap and rocked him, trying not to cry herself.

A few people began showing an interest in fostering or adopting Bronson, but, the shelter decided that if Bronson had a home, it was up to them to find it.

Kellie and her husband took it upon themselves to try to get Bronson back to his family.

They looked up the Florida shelter’s paperwork and got in touch with the animal control officer who found him on the road.

After he knew where the dog had been picked up, he then posted Bronson’s picture and information on a lost and found pets Facebook page of the area where he came from.

It didn’t take long for Bronson’s family to get in touch via a family friend. They had been looking everywhere for their eight-year-old “Meco.”

They had been fearful for his life when he didn’t return one day from walking his little human charges to their school bus stop.

He always came straight home.

But, that one day he had apparently met some new friends. And they got him in trouble he almost didn’t get out of.


The story wasn’t over yet, however. “Meco” was 12 hours away from his home now. And his owners did not have a car.

They were struggling, trying to find someone to go get their four-footed family member.

Then Bronson/Meco’s guardian angel, a woman named Amber Edwards, offered to drive the dog all the way back to his home in Florida.

She said later that the reunion between the dog and his kids and family made every mile of the 12-hour drive totally worth it.

The dog wagged his tail and romped with his kids, showing his happy dog grin for the first time since Animal Control caught up with him.

On the winds of a hurricane, Meco’s bad situation was made right in a way that Bachman said was made up of “…some miraculous stuff and divine intervention.”

We hope Meco has many more years of taking care of getting his kids off to school on time.

And we hope he’s learned his lesson about taking up with the wrong kind of crowd along the way.

Check out Mico in the video below:

Source: The Animal Rescue Site

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