As Flames Consumed The Neighborhood, This Brave Dog’s Extraordinary Act Left Onlookers Stunned

As lovers of animals, we understand something that other people might not. Animals have the potential to love.

They show this love to their owners, expressing undying loyalty to the people they have bonded with. They also show that love to their fellow animals, companions, and creatures that make up their family.

In the face of disaster and danger, that love will compel even a dog to do the impossible. That’s just what happened when a mother dog named Amanda faced off against a terrible fire.

In a remote town in Chile, a car bomb went off. We don’t know the details of the bombing, who the attackers were and what was their target. But we do know it set numerous homes ablaze. The fire spread rapidly, putting people in imminent danger.

As people fled their homes and the fire department went to work, Amanda the dog was seen, fleeing the flames. But in her mouth was something peculiar.

It wasn’t food, or her favorite toy… it was one of her babies!

Turns out, Amanda recently gave birth to a litter. Those infant pups were trapped in their home as the fire spread. After setting the first pup safely inside a fire truck, she braved the flames yet again to find the others.

One by one, Amanda rescued her puppies, setting them down in an open area of the truck.

The fire being so bad, there was no one to spare to rescue the dogs. So, Amanda did it herself, risking her own life to make sure her puppies were free from the fiery wrath.

Once they were all gathered, she stayed with them, comforting them and making sure they were safe. As the flames were put out, the workers tried to help Amanda and her pups. But even then, her motherly instincts kicked in. She was standoffish, unwilling for any more harm to come to her babies.

Thankfully an on-site veterinarian, Felipe Lara, was able to examine the puppies. By some miracle, most of them were unharmed. Save for one brave pup, Amparo, who suffered burns. Despite treatment, it died a few days later.

Amanda’s owner, Omar Torres, suffered burns as well and was receiving treatment at the hospital. Once mended, he will be able to be reunited with his dog and the litter of pups that survived the disaster.

This story shows the lengths a mother will go to protect her children. Never let anyone tell you dogs are just “dumb animals.” In them burns hearts of love for the creatures that matter the most to them.

Source: Glad Wire

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Written by Adam Casalino

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