This Happy Dog Failing Miserably At An Agility Competition Will Have You In Stitches

Dog shows can be amazing fun for animal lovers to watch.

The Best in Show competitions give us the opportunity to see amazingly beautiful and cute dogs from all over the world. And the agility competitions allow us to see the amazing training,

And the agility competitions allow us to see the amazing training, self-control, and abilities that dogs can possess.

But we also find it incredibly entertaining and endearing when we see a dog fail at one of these premier events. Such was the case for Olly. Olly is a Jack Russell Terrier.

He was found by the Blue Cross after being left in a cat basket at only six weeks of age. He was adopted into his forever home a few weeks later by Karen Parker.

Now at five-years-old, Olly was ready to meet the world. He and Karen had been practicing for the agility competition as hard as they could.

As the Crufts international dog show approached, Karen was sure that she and Olly were ready for the spotlight.

Olly most certainly entered the spotlight but not quite the way that Karen imagined.

Olly was so excited and energetic that it seems to have affected his timing. He jumped too early causing him to completely miss the bar.

Then he face-planted right into the floor.

But Olly gained the love and affection of the crowd as he promptly got right back up onto his feet and continued his journey through the course as if nothing had happened.

“Oh, what a nose dive!” the announcer said. “And he couldn’t care less.”

“He’s all over the place and so he should be,” the announcer continued. “He’s going the wrong way, but it doesn’t really matter, does it? Well done the Blue Cross, persevere, first catch your dog. Oh, I love it!”

You’ll love it, too. Watch below!

Source: All Cute All The Time

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