Special Needs Dog Didn’t Have Any Friends, That Is Until This Surprising Guy Came Along

There is something unique about a special needs pet. They seem to know they are different. Animals seem to recognize it in each other as well.

Some animals are gentle and understanding when they encounter another animal with special needs.

People are much the same. Some of us have a heart for special needs pet. We are drawn to them and long to provide them with the love and care they so desperately need.

This is the story of a special needs dog who found the most unlikely friend. It is a story you will adore.

Kolima was born with Wobbly Syndrome, a disorder that affects her ability to walk comfortably and without pain. The disorder also prevents Kolima from growing normally making it even harder as she ages.

Sadly, because of her disability, her owners took her to a local animal shelter and left her there. Even worse, none of the other animals would approach her.

Then one day, Kolima made an unlikely friend. A donkey named Paolo decided to become Kolima’s friend and protector. Now the two are inseparable.

Paolo always makes sure that Kollima is not left alone and that she has someone to play with. Paolo does not care that Kolima looks different than other dogs. He just loves his best friend.

This is such an unlikely pair, but it just goes to show that species does not matter when it comes to friendship. What matters most is the hearts of the friends involved.

Check out this video below and see this amazing friendship for yourself.

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