Lara Was Tied To Tree And Left To Die In The Woods, Found Weak, But Still Guarding A Shocking Secret

There’s only one thing worse than an owner that isn’t willing to take time daily to care for their dog. It is unbelievably worse when an owner does something despicable to a pet that has wanted nothing more than to be a loyal companion.

Taking responsibility for an animal is sometimes taken with about as much forethought and consideration as taking home a stuffed animal from the department store. A pet is a living, breathing creature that deserves at least a chance to reach its full potential.

That chance was taken away from a beautiful pit bull girl in Nafplio, Greece. Her owner, for reasons as yet undetermined, decided she didn’t want little Lara any more. So, she took her into the woods and left her. That alone would have been a heinous act.

That alone would have been a heinous act. But, she didn’t leave Lara even the slightest chance for survival. She tied her to a tree before she drove away.

Lara faced the elements with no food or water for several days. She wagged her tail, with hope in her eyes, every time she saw a human passing by.

But none of the humans spoke to her. Because of her breed they feared her very existence. Not only did they do nothing to ease her suffering, they warned others to stay away.

Lara was growing very weak, but she still had an important job left to do. One that she had to do alone instead of having a supportive and loving hand of a human to help her though.

A few days after being left alone, hungry, thirsty and frightened, Lara gave birth to four beautiful babies.

For days after their birth, Lara fed them and comforted them for almost two weeks as she herself grew weaker and weaker. Finally, although none of the villagers would raise a hand to help her, they did call animal control personnel to report the brave little dog.

When rescue workers showed up, they were met by a frightened, malnourished and dehydrated young dog. Imagine their surprise when they saw what Lara was curled around!

Lara and her four babies were taken to Linda at The Orphan Pet. Linda knew that although Lara would be taken care of now for the rest of her life, she was not out of danger yet.

It is uncommon for a dog to be able to live more than six days without water. They can live longer without food, but a combination of no food or water for over 10 days meant that Lara’s system was in danger of shutting down.

Linda worked hard to keep that from happening. She fed Lara many small meals a day until her stomach could handle a full meal.

She kept clean, fresh water for her and made certain that she was drinking enough to keep herself hydrated. Especially since so much of her system was providing for the three babies. (One did not make it through the ordeal).

For the first few feedings, Lara refused to eat. She had learned to not trust humans and still could not believe that Linda was any different than those in her past.

Eventually, her desire to feed her babies over-ruled her fears. She began to eat. And she thrived.

Her babies grew too. Eventually, they could be placed in other homes. But, so far, Lara has stayed with Linda where she feels safe and secure. She will probably always have abandonment issues.

Experts say she will probably always have abandonment issues. Can you blame her?

How many of us could exist for almost two weeks, tied to a tree, while we gave birth without assistance? We hope that Lara’s previous owner will be found and brought to justice.

Nothing will bring back the trust that Lara lost. Nothing can bring back the puppy that died from the neglect.

But, no matter what happens to her past owner, Lara ended up where she needed be. We only wish that every other pit bull out there that is treated abominably could have as bright a future as Lara’s.

Source: Gladwire

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