Mama Cat Goes Into Labor, Gets Help From Unlikely Member Of The House

Cats and dogs are proverbial enemies. From Garfield to Looney Toons, we see countless examples in the entertainment industry highlighting the animosity between these two species.

Most certainly, there are cats and dogs who do not get along. But there are many, especially those who have been raised with the other species from a young age, who are very tolerant of one another.

Some are good friends. And some become family.

The differences between cats and dogs often translate to humans. We tend to classify ourselves as dog people or cat people.

Of course, then there are those of us who are simply animal people and love them all regardless of species. We accept them into our families and attempt to love them as much as they unconditionally love us.

Stories of animals of different species bonding and working together melt our hearts. When those species are ones that typically do not get along, such as is the case with cats and dogs, it has the potential to melt our hearts even more.

That is precisely what happened in this story.

A family cat went into labor. Any mother knows that support is vital during this time. But we are also full of hope, eagerly anticipating the blessing that is to come. Labor is difficult for any mother, but it is especially difficult when it must be done alone.

This is true for animals as well as people.

The cat in this story thankfully had the support she needed. But it came from the most unlikely of sources. Her midwife was not another cat or her person. Her unexpected midwife was a dog.

Her family knew that the mother cat was pregnant and they had been anxiously anticipating the arrival of a new litter of kittens.

When they realized the fateful day had come, they rushed to get the video camera eager to catch the arrival of their newest family members on video. What they caught in addition to the birth of the kittens will totally melt your heart.

The mother cat seemed to be handling the entire process as gracefully as possible. Labor was progressing, but it was difficult.

Then the family’s dog entered the room. He slowly approached the mother cat and laid down next to her. Despite their differences, this dog was clearly reaching out to his feline friend and offering love, support, encouragement, and comfort.

As the mother cat slowly gave birth to her kittens, the dog helped. He licked the cat’s fur, cleaning her as best he could. He also helped the mother cat lick each of the kittens clean.

This dog helped his feline friend through a difficult labor. In return, he became the uncle to all of the kittens. No doubt he will be a protective uncle as he is now part of this feline family.

In the end, all of the kittens were born happy and healthy. And the mother cat came through it all with flying colors. After all of the kittens were born, the mother, her puppies, and the dog all snuggled up together for a well-deserved nap.

The family of this dog and cat were completely amazed at what they had seen. A bond was formed between all of these animals.

That bond was formed out of nothing more than love and compassion despite the differences that cats and dogs typically have with one another.

Watch below to see this amazing scene unfold for yourself. It is a beautiful image of love and acceptance. The kittens are absolutely adorable as are the mother and the canine uncle.

See for yourself how the dog lovingly licks the mother and her kittens. And see the incredible trust that this mother cat has as well.

She does not question at all the dog’s presence or his actions with her new kittens. She clearly trusts and loves him just as much as he loves her.

What a great example of love and acceptance we see between these two animals. Just imagine what would happen in our society of people behaved more like these two animals.

There would be less political strife, less racial bias and more attempts to help those we encounter in our daily lives who are truly in need. The goal would be to help others rather than to selfishly attend only to our own needs.

We can learn so much about how we should live our own lives if we would just open our hearts and minds to the lessons we can learn from the animals around us.

Source: All Cute All The Time

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