Ever Wonder What Your Dog Does When Home Alone? Want To See?

Most pet owners wonder what their pets do while they’re gone. Many most likely lazily lounge around the house.

One man found out for certain what the dog does. Keith Knittel put a Go Pro on his German Shepherd and then went out to eat.

There was most definitely a fair amount of lounging around, but the dog was quite active at other times. The truth is, this dog seems pretty well-behaved.

He doesn’t get into too much trouble. But it is still interesting to see behind-the-scenes what happens when pets are left alone at home.

The dog in this video checks out several rooms in the house, apparently looking for his person.

He spends some time looking out the window and hanging out by the door just like one of the dogs does in the movie The Secret Life of Pets.

But then he seems to realize that his person is not home and sets off to entertain himself. He finds some good places to hide and rest as well as running around the house.

Periodically, he goes looking for his person again.

Like the stereotypical expectation, the German Shepherd seems to recognize when his people are home even before they reach the door.

He runs to the door and the nearby window well before his people enter the house. The joy and excitement he displays are genuine as his people finally returned home.

It’s almost as if you can see how he longs for and misses his people and then is overjoyed when they return home.

Watch and you’ll see for yourself what at least one dog does when home alone.


Source: Keith Knittel


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