When Mugsy Was Killed By A Car And Buried, Grieving Family Never Thought They Would Wake To A Miracle!

People are so attached to their pets that it’s heart-wrenching when a pet is lost suddenly.

An unforeseen accident can rip apart a family emotionally.

For one family, the death of their beloved dog was something not heard of before.

Mugsy, a 4-year-old Jack Russell terrier, was running about in front of his owner’s home in Severna Park, Maryland. It was like any other afternoon in October, 1990.

Glenn, Mugsy’s owner, was home watching the children. Viola, his girlfriend, was away at work.

Something didn’t seem right, and Glenn went outside to check on Mugsy.

He was horrified to find the family pet at the end of the concrete driveway, bleeding and not moving. The dog apparently was hit by a car.

Glenn picked up Mugsy and carried the dog toward the house.

It was too late. Mugsy lay lifeless in his arms.

Glenn later described Mugsy as “real dead,” not breathing and no heartbeat.

Glenn was distraught from the loss and didn’t want to take the dead dog into the house where their toddler children, who adored Mugsy, would be torn up by his death.

He told the children to stay inside while he carried Mugsy to a part of the yard far from the house and dug a 3-foot deep hole and buried him.

Telling the children was tough, and Glenn didn’t rally his courage until 7 p.m. to share the sad news. Viola arrived from work later that night and he told her.

The family planned to place a wooden cross at the grave sight the next morning.

All went to sleep that night saddened by the loss of Mugsy.

This time of year all types of spooky stories about pet deaths circulate through schools and around the water cooler at work.

This family faced a new day with a spooky story that’s real.

At 5:30 the next morning – 14 hours after Mugsy died – Glenn awoke to a strange sound at the back door.

“I wake up to scratching at the door,” Glenn said.

He goes to the back door – cue Halloween music – and there’s Mugsy.

He quickly told Viola.

“I didn’t believe him,” Viola said.

But it was Mugsy – alive, his tail just a wagging away!

Viola said their veterinarian believes Mugsy’s breathing and heart rate were so slowed from the accident trauma that he appeared dead. The dog likely dug his way out of the shallow grave and then slept outside to gather energy to return home.

The family went to the grave later that second day and, sure enough, Mugsy had clawed his way out of the dirt.

He’s alive!

Source: Little Things

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