Pep The Irish Setter Accused Of Murdering Cat, Sent To Prison For Life – But Nobody Knew The Truth

Back in 1920, there was a dog named Pep.

Pep was a black Irish Setter who ultimately went down in history as the most vile canine criminal ever.

Why? He was accused of murdering a cat and actually received a life sentence for his heinous crime.

…of course, the truth of the matter is very different than the legend that got passed down through folks in and around Philadelphia.

Time to clear the air, once and for all!

Now, good ol’ Pep was living quite the cushy life, as he was born to a dog breeder and given to the governor’s wife.

Unfortunately, Pep took the “cushy” lifestyle thing too literally, because he developed the bad habit of gnawing on couch cushions.

That’s when the governor’s wife, Cornelia Bryce Pinchot, decided the dog needed a career. Elsewhere.

So, she packed him up and sent him off to Eastern State Penitentiary, which of course prompted all sorts of rumor and speculation.

Thus began the legend of a dog sent to prison for murdering a cat.

But in truth, Pep wasn’t in a prison because of a crime; he was there to help the inmates and in fact, he was a much loved jail denizen.

And he was such a big hit that Mrs. Pinchot decided she needed to tell everyone the truth, so she spoke to a local newspaper and set the record straight.

The best part of this story should be obvious:

Service dog programs are often utilized in prisons throughout the world. So in the end, Pep wasn’t a criminal…he was a pioneer!

In fact, he’s so revered that the prison where he once spread much joy is now a museum, which you can visit.

And after touring the timeless place, you should snag a piece of Pep memorabilia before you leave.

His story needn’t be forgotten and you’d be honoring the old pooch’s great deed; his contribution to history is just incredible!

Touching hearts is what dogs DO, after all.

Long live Pep, the “murderer” tuned hero!

Source: Honest Paws

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