This Dog Got a New Little Brother and His Reaction Is Priceless

Welcoming a new dog into the family can be very overwhelming for anyone involved. This feeling can stretch to the doggy members of the family as well, and quite honestly affect them the most.

Before the new puppy’s arrival, Kevin was the only pet in the Stoup family. So he was used to having all of the love and attention. Carleigh Johnson Stroup, his owner, comments,

“Kevin is so sweet and loving. We can never lay down without him immediately laying down with one of us.”


Recently, the Stroups decided that they wanted to expand their family. So the pair adopted a puppy. Unfortunately for Kevin, he was not involved in the decision process.

The new puppy Lyle fit in quite well with the Stroups. But Kevin? Well, Kevin is another story.


At first, Kevin was not excited to have such an overly excited puppy living with him. In the video below he displays his opposition to the situation. After watching the video you will know what Stroup is talking about when she comments,

“That’s absolutely his signature, ‘What. Have. You. Done.’ face.”

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Posted by Carleigh Johnson Stroup on Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Even though Kevin thinks Lyle is annoying, the new pup can’t get enough of his big brother. Stroup adds,

“He [Lyle] only wants to go where Kevin goes,” Stroup said. “He’s just absolutely obsessed with him.”

Kevin is warming up to Lyle. Although he was not expecting the new dog in the house, he is beginning to enjoy Lyle’s company. Kevin may actually like being a big brother now. Carleigh also says,

“Even after all of Lyle’s attempts at ruining Kevin’s peace and quiet, they’ve become inseparable. Kevin appreciates having a brother to hang out with when we are gone.”

Now the pair are closer than ever. They finally embrace the role of brothers. Maybe the new dog wasn’t too bad! Please share these adorable dogs with friends!

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