Woken By The Unusual Barking, Lonnie Steps Outside And Immediately Dials 911

Lonnie and Susan Chester own two sweet Labradoodles named Adam and Eva.

One night, both pups started barking incessantly at around 4:30 a.m. Unusual for pups that normally sleep through the night.

They just wouldn’t stop, and now they are being called heroes!

Lonnie finally got out of bed to see what they were so excited about.

The dogs led him to the front door and start frantically pawing wanting out.

Lonnie opened the door, and both dogs took off in a rush. He followed behind.

He saw they stopped at the end of the driveway and went to investigate.

As he approached them, he saw her.

An elderly lady was on the ground, freezing, wearing only a nightgown. It was only nine degrees outside.

“She looked up at me and said, ‘I’m so cold,’” said Lonnie.

Lonnie quickly saw that it was his 89-year-old neighbor and quickly rushed her inside, wrapped blankets around her, and called for help.

The paramedics came quickly, as well as her family who had been out looking for their mother.

The poor elderly woman only had frostbite on one foot, but things could have been much worse.

Lonnie and Susan know that their precious pooches saved the woman’s life that early morning.

“[We felt] just incredible, just incredibly proud, just amazed at these dogs and how sensitive they are. They just have super sensitivities,” Susan said.

Here is this incredible story in their own words…

Source: NTD

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