Dog is frantically whimpering at the fence – owner is utterly shocked when he discovers why…

Dog owners know that our canine companions have the ability to sense things that we don’t.

They’ll often hear a thunderstorm approaching long before we do.

Some dogs have been trained to sniff out illnesses like cancer. Others can sense when their person is about to have a seizure and alert them before it hits.

Other dogs are so in tune with humans and recognize the varying tones of our voices that it seems uncanny. This is the story of one such dog and how his alert nature saved a man’s life.

Zeus was a three-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier living with his human family in Perth, Australia.

His owner, Mick Condo, noticed that Zeus was behaving strangely in the backyard one day but he didn’t think too much about it.

He simply assumed that Zeus had seen another animal or something else that had distracted him.

Despite Condo’s efforts, Zeus would not stop obsessing over a particular area of the fence between Condo’s yard and that of his 96-year-old neighbor.

That’s when Condo realized that something wasn’t right.

Condo and Zeus approached the fence and heard a man on the other side.

“He was whimpering and carrying on at the fence, so I went to see what the issue was,” Condo told PerthNow. Condo was shocked by what he found.

“Help me, I think I’ve broken my hip I’ve been lying here for two days,” his neighbor cried out. The 96-year-old man had fallen onto a concrete floor on his patio.

“I ran out the front and got a couple of young fellas to help and then we went and bashed in the gate so we could get in,” Condo said.


Condo’s neighbor was dehydrated and had a broken hip. He was taken to a local hospital where he reportedly made a full recovery.

Condo believes that Zeus’s actions saved the man’s life.

“He [the neighbor] kept saying that he couldn’t have made it through another night, Condo said.

Zeus’s heroism was rewarded with a steak dinner.

“He’s a class dog, just incredible, such a lovable dog, Condo said.

Source: Pawpulous

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